Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Step-by-Step by Chrystal Riddell



- 4 sheets of cardstock with white or contrasting color core (I used Core'dinations)
- (1) 6 x 8, 5 x 7, or (2) 4 x 6 photos
- 2 journaling cards
-1 file folder
- alpha stickers for your title
-pigment ink

So have you ever wondered what to do with old photo calendars friends or family have made for you? When you get some time, get them out, keep the photos you want, and recycle the rest! I love this photo my dad included in a calendar for me from a trip he took in 2003. I had NO coordinating patterned paper, so I challenged myself to use cardstock only. Yes, this was scary for me, too! I tried to pick and place the colors to match the photo, blue for sky, orange-ish for the rocks, and brown for the ground. I chose to tear the paper for a rustic, natural feel.

1. Choose background sheet.
2. Cut a 6 x 12 piece for the top color, a 7 1/2 x 12 piece for the bottom color, and an 8 x 10 piece for the photo mat. I allowed my self an extra 1-2 inches for tearing, in case I messed up and needed to start over.
3. Tear edges, then ink. TIP: I sit at my dining table to do this because of the smooth flat edge. Hold down with left hand, lay paper on the table with about an inch hanging off, and slowly tear with right hand. Do not rip quickly, or you will rip your paper in half!
4. Adhere the top color first (mine is blue,) then layer the next piece (mine is orange)
5. Adhere your photo to your mat, then tear around to even it up as needed
6. Fill in journaling tag, adhere to outside of file folder, then adhere file folder, overlapping the top right-hand corner of your photo.
7. Use 2nd journaling card and stickers to create your title, then adhere this the bottom left-hand corner of your photo.


Carrie said...

Love that you just used Cardstock will have to try this.

Nathalie said...

Very cool page Chrystal and easy explanations!

Transparent Touches said...

Great LO Chrystal and good directions!