Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sewing Technique

If you love the look of stitching on your page but have trouble drawing shapes, letters, or numbers, here is a great technique. Use chipboard to help you create perfect shapes, letters, and numbers.

On this layout I wanted to sew stars on my page. Unfortunately I am not great at hand drawing stars so I used the negative space from chipboard to create them.

First, trace the shape on your layout.

Second, use a hole piercer to pierce holes along your shape. Don't worry about leaving the same amount of space between each hole. It will still look great when you're finished!

Finally, stitch along the holes using a back stitch.

See, easy as pie and you don't have to posses a talent for drawing perfect, symmetrical shapes, letters, or numbers.

Here is the finished layout:

So pull out your chipboard and start sewing today! The possibilities are endless!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Step by Step

by Nathalie
- 12"x12" patterned paper for background
- 4"x4" square and 2" round photos
- 3 different patterned papers in the following size: 4"x1/4", 4"x31/4' and 4" long skinny border
- 2 journaling spots
- 1 big brad
- 1 big chipboard bracket
- cardstock scrap at least 3" long to print journaling on
- optional: corrugated cardboard and paint

1- Distress 12X12 background patterned paper as much or as little as you like.
2- Place 4"X4" photo, 4"x1/4" striped strip and 4"x31/4" paper under each other as show on photo below. Add journaling spot (cut in half) under the photo before adhering everything.

3- Place and adhere circle photo
4- Add small border on top of the 4x4 photo and embellies like the brad, the chipboard bracket, the journaling spot on the upper left corner. Adapt to make it your own :)
5- Print, cut to about 3x1/4", and adhere journaling strips

6- If you wish, tear and roll some of the edges of the background paper, and tape some painted corrugated cardboard behind to let it peak through.

"The homemade ghoul" by Nathalie

Let me know in the comment if you have any question! Thank you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creepy Card Set

Since Halloween was coming up soon I thought I would share a few Creepy Halloween Cards and some fun card sketches from the My Sketch World Blog. So grab your latest Creepy papers or some scraps of that Halloween kit from last year and make your own Creepy Card Set.

Sketch 1:My Example:Sketch 2: My Example:Sketch 3:My Example:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TTT October Monthly kits!

TTT October kits are up!

Today is reveal day at TTT! There are 3 great kits offered for the month of October...plus some great add ons and extra things available!

NEW MONTHLY CONTEST RULES: We have a new rule with the monthly contest...you can use ANY TTT KIT to create your layout for the monthly contest. It no longer has to be the current kit. What a great way to have fun with your TTT kits and possible win something to go with your next kit! Details are on the Blog or you can also go here for more details:

I wanted to remind you taht TTT offers 3 and 6 months kit subscriptions! If you sign up for a subscription this month you can start with September #
3, or you can start with one of the October kits. Just send me an email after you sign up letting me know which kit you'd like to start your subscription with.

REFER A FRIEND TO TTT! If you refer a friend to TTT and they sign up for 6 months, you will BOTH get a goodie bag with your kit! Once you refer a total of 3 friends to TTT and they all signed up for 6 months, you will receive a FREE KIT!

CLICK HERE for more information about TTT kit subscriptions.

CLICK HERE to read the FAQ's about TTT's kits.


Here are the 3 kits for October:

OCTOBER KIT #1: Teresa Collins--Friendship

CLICK HERE to see the add ons that are available with this kit

OCTOBER KIT #2: Fancy Pants--Rough & Tough

CLICK HERE to see the add ons available with this kit


CLICK HERE to see the addons available with this kit

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tag Ideas by Chrystal Riddell

I love doing this section because it always makes me stretch a my comfort zone a little bit. When crafting, I tend to think bigger is easier. A 12x12 page or even a 5x7 card is much easier for me to do than the little things.

I started by using my favorite big tag template to make an over-sized "teacher tag" that I'm sure will be used soon enough! I left the ribbon long in case it needs to be tied around something later. I found this "tag template" attached to our Christmas tree last December, and it promptly found a home on my scrap table.

Once I was motivated, I remembered that the TTT pocket blocks are just that--sized for a library pocket! This "toddler" block was the perfect fit for the wild thing chipboard. This will go in a ziploc with coordinating paper, so that next time I pull it out, I have a ready-made page embellishment!

Next time you have a few minutes, pull out some paper scraps and your transparency stash and see what you can do to get that next page jump-started. Tag, you're it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Transparency Layouts

Transparent Tuesday!
Each month the TTT design team creates layouts, cards and other projects using TTT transparencies on them. They always do such a great job and it's great to see all the different ways that the transparencies can be used!! Here is what they created this month:

Carrie and Chrissy's Layouts:

Nathalie and Jen's Layouts:

Chrystal's Layout:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Kit #1 Layouts

It's Reveal day!

It's time to reveal the designs made with all three September kits. We hope you love the items the design team created. Remember, you can go to the TTT User gallery (http://www.transparenttouches.com/gallery/index.php?cat=46) to see all the kit reveals from each month!

Take a look at the fun designs created by Carrie and owner Monica!!!

Carrie's Designs:

Monica's Designs:

September Kit #2 Layouts

Take a look at the fun creations by designers Chrystal and Chrissy!!!

Chrystal's Designs:

Chrissy's Designs:

September Kit #3 Layouts

Take a look at the lovely creations by designers Jen and Nathalie!

Jen's Designs:

Nathalie's Designs: