Monday, December 6, 2010

Making your own Glimmer mist

I love Glimmer mist and love all the different colors there are to offer. Of course I do not need a big bottle of all of them so I recently learned a way to make my own mini mist. No first off I want to start with saying that I did not come up with this on my own a scrappy friend of mine taught me and then I googled it and there are all different ways to do it. This I think is the best way to do and the most reliable as it is Tim Holtz way of doing it! (So it's got to be good right?)

The supplies:
  • Package of Mini Misters (by Ranger and you can find them at Micheals. You could also use a spray bottle from the travel area of a store but it would not be as fine of a mist)
  • Perfect Pearls (use a coupon on these at your local craft store. I bought the metallics but they have colored ones too. Make sure it is Perfect Pearls as they already have a binder in them.)
  • Ink droppers with dif colored inks (I suggest the Tim Holtz Distress ink refills. There are lots of dif colors you can choose from and then you can also use them to reink your distress ink pads. Do not use alcohol inks. Some people say they have used paint but I don't think that would work very well.)
  • Water

The steps:
  • Put 1/4 teaspoon perfect pearls in your mini mister
  • Add a couple drops of ink
  • Fill with water leaving about a 1/4" room at the top for air
  • Swirl the mixture until combines (swirling instead of shaking helps ensure you don't clog your mister)
  • Now spray to your hearts content. I used mine to make this fun tag for Christmas

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