Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun with printables for the 4th of July!

As you might already know from previous posts and projects, such as this banner tutorial from last year, I love to play with free 4th of July online printables which are abundant at this time of year. I also rarely use them as-is and add my own touch. I know that the 4th is very close but you should already have pretty much everything and they are all super easy (even the kids can help!):

First, I found these little straw flags by Tweedle Dee Designs (via Tip Junkie) and decided to use them to create a mini banner. As I did a year ago, I chose to print them on off-white cardstock which gives them a little vintage feel:

I also used a printable clip art from and created a decor for our front door. I roughly followed her instructions (I did not enlarge but rather trimmed the print out) and added a few embellishments on top. I then attached it to criss-crossed mini flags.

There are lots of sources for subway art to print and frame (herehere and also here) but rather than doing what everyone else is doing, I chose to frame a vintage postcard found here. They have many darling examples to choose from, I picked this one:

Lastly, I created some "tissue fireworks" which you can do even if your printer is out of ink ;)
For this, simply cut pieces of tissue papers roughly 8"X16" and fold them in half. Then cut fringes on them (don't cut all the way):
next roll each one around a bamboo skewer (you can paint them before hand). Apply glue at the start around the skewer and at the end to close it up.
Then I just stuck them into a jar I had previously altered (for a project I did with a TTT kit two years ago!) and placed it as a center piece on our patio table.

I hope you feel a little inspired by these simple projects and I wish you all a wonderful 4th of July!

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Carrie said...

Super cute. I need to make some decorations