Friday, October 21, 2011

Cupcake topper tutorial

It is so easy to make your very own unique cupcake toppers. These ones are birthday themed but you could do this for ANY holiday (including Halloween)! All you need is a die-cutting machine (or a neat punch shape), or possibly the patience to cut out several shapes by hand, and some coordinating cardstock and toothpicks.
Here's what you'll need along with some glue and toothpicks.
Start by cutting out your shape - I set my machine at 1 1/2".
Then punch your circles. For one dozen cupcake toppers you'll need 12 smaller cirlces and 24 larger circles.  I cut my smaller circles with a 1 1/2" punch and the larger with a 1 3/4" punch.

Now glue all the layers together putting two of the larger circles right side out (so the texture shows on both sides). Another idea is to adhere the birthday child's age on the opposite side!
Now smash a toothpick between the two larger circles (make sure you used plenty of glue).

And there you have it - your own personal cupcake topper!

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Nathalie said...

These are really cute Anna! I guess you could also use stickers ;)