Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Ideas

Hey, Scrappers! I'm just taking a quick break from the TTT March Madness crop - going on right now till midnight, March 15th - to send you all a little more inspiration for March. Have fun, jot down these ideas and then head back over to TTT to crop with us! See you there! -Lindsey

March Ideas to Photograph and Scrap
by Carrie L.

Pages to Scrap:
Make a page about Friendship: a new one, an old one that keeps blooming, anything!
Use butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, birds, eggs, shamrocks and swirls on your page
The festivities from St. Patrick’s day like the green you wore or the green food you ate
Make an Easter Garland using oval shaped chipboard or cardstock then decorate them to look like eggs or bunnies to get ready for the Holiday.
Add a Seussical title to you next page in honor of Dr. Seuss' March birthday
Create a page about you and why you love being a woman or a woman you honor for Women’s Day
Make a page about chocolate; of you love it, hate it, your favorite in honor of Chocolate week.
Make a page of why you are lucky in honor of your Irish luck
Create a page about your middle name and what it means and why your parents picked it
A page showing your house all clean after Spring cleaning
A page about the signs of Spring
Fun and Quick pages about your outdoor activities
Sporting event pages
Days at the park
Make your own flower embellishments to use on your outdoor pages
Use bright spring colors on your pages like green, yellow, pink, purple and sky blue

Photos to take:
Tulips or other flowers blooming (Texas gals look out for those Blue Bonnets)
You and your best friends or your kids playing outside with their friends
Your kids playing sports or a sporting event
A trip to the Park or a family picnic
A few portraits of your kids or pets outside in the spring weather
Lots of Green on St. Patrick’s Day and the festivities
Shots of new life (babies, ducklings, chicks, puppies, kitties, etc.)
Playing in the rain and new rain boots
Bicycle rides, fishing trips, walks, flying kites and other outdoor activities
Before and after pictures of your Spring cleaning

Important Days in March:
March 6: Middle name Pride Day
March 8: International Women’s Day
March 8: Daylight Savings Begins
March 12: Girl Scout Day
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day
March 20: First Day of Spring
March 21: National Quilt Day
March 23: National Puppy Day
National nutrition Month
American Chocolate week is the 3rd week of the month


angie gutshall said...

Thanks for so many great ideas I'm writing these down and putting them in my organizer. Angie Gutshall

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Wow..what a great list...I am so printing this!!!
arlsmom on WT

Barb P said...

Thanks for the scrapping ideas.

Michele said...

Wow love all the ideas. Def. will add some of those to my to scrap list.