Thursday, August 20, 2009

Composition Books turned into themed Journals...and a giveaway!

Well let me start off by saying I did not plan to post altered composition books for my project this month. I had planned to share with you a fall mini album which I used a past TTT kit. I had done the cover but it took me a while to finish the album and I thought I would share that. I thought I took pictures but if I did, I cannot find them on my computer. Then I said, well no problem, I'll take new pictures. That would be easy if I could find the mini album (and it's not that mini in size, lol). So I am posting instead 2 journals I made a while back. With it being back to school time, composition books are on sale for as low as 29 cents I've seen and what a cheap item to purchase and alter and make as a gift or for yourself. I decided to make a baby journal and a "me" journal.

Basic supplies needed:
-Cardstock or patterned paper...composition books are 7 1/4 x 9 3/4...4 sheets or scraps this size will cover both the front and back as well as inside front and back covers
-Alphas to do titles
-paint...i painted the edges of both books and also the spine of the baby journal
-misc embellishments- I used rub ons, stamps, cut patterned paper, tags, and ribbon

-Paint edges of front, back, and inside covers...paint spine if color is too dark
-Cut and corner round your paper for the covers and inside. Since you painted the edges, it's ok if your paper doesn't go to the edge completely.
-Adhere paper to covers, ink edges if desired
-Either stamp or adhere ribbon to the book edge
-Apply your title and embellishments as you would like
-Ink edges around book and inside covers...I even inked a bit on the back for a shabby kinda look
-Enjoy your new very inexpensive journals!

Picture of Baby Journal- front and back (giveaway item)

Picture of Me Journal- front and back

Giveaway: I have no need for the baby journal as my youngest is four and I know we have a few designers and customers expecting or maybe you just had a baby or maybe your friend is having a baby...whatever the reason as long as you can use it, I would love to send this to someone who can use it. Soooo if you are interested in receiving it, post a comment here on or before Sunday Aug 30th and I will draw a name on Monday August 31st. The journal is in pale pink, blue, and cream...very neutral for a boy or a girl. This drawing is open to TTT designers as well. Goodluck.


Carrie said...

These are both so cute! Love the idea Jen!

Tammy said...

I just love your journals!! Thanks for sharing the idea. My sister is expecting, and I have been looking for something to make for her. This would be perfect!

ROZANNA said...

Wow Jen these are wonderful. I have a brand new great-grandbaby and I know my grand-daughter would love it for keeping information in. Thanks for giving me a chance. Rozy (TTT board)

Stacy said...

Both of these are super cute. i love to alter composition books and little girls love to use them. I have a friend having a baby very soon and she would just love this journal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my oldest niece is getting ready for her first ... I would love to give her something like this!