Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Project ~ Memory Game

by Nathalie
- a small box, small tin (such as an Altoids tin) or a small box template
- at least two sheets of papers, one patterned, one solid
- one sheet of patterned paper with a repetitive pattern that can be paired OR at least 4 or 5 pairs of family portraits
- frame stamp (optional)

Step 1: Figure out the size your cards need to be to fit into your container. Mine had to be 2 3/4 x 1 7/8. Cut an even number of cards from your first patterned paper and the same amount from your solid paper. When you glue them back to back, they make the front and back of your cards. You can choose to stitch (or faux stitch) them together like I did.

Step 2: To create the game, I used this paper ("Robot Love") from Bella Boulevard because it had a repetitive pattern which offered the ability to make at least 5 pairs (it is actually the paper that gave me the idea for this project;)

But if you don't have this kind of paper, you can still make this project fun by using pairs of photos of each family member for example.
You can simply cut rectangles a little smaller than your cards or you can choose a shape. I used a frame stamp then cut the shape according to the stamped frame. Glue them on top of your cards (on the solid paper).

Step 3: Make or alter your container. I used a hotel soap box as a template to make my box out of the same paper I used for the back of my cards. Decorate and personalize as you wish!

Doesn't it make a great gift for a preschooler?! I think my nephew is going to love it ;)


Carrie said...

This is so cute. I am totally doing this.

myartisticmemories said...

Oh my word...This is so cute! This paper is perfect for it