Friday, February 4, 2011

Autograph Books

Next time you plan a trip to Disney why not plan time to create your own autograph book. All you need is a cardstock or acrylic album, paper, ribbon, and embellishments. You also get some extra attention from your favorite characters : )

Here some examples of books I created for my daughter:

This book is from her first visit to Disney when she was two years old:
**I used a lot of Disney paper in my album. I love that you can buy them in packs.

Here are two albums I made for our trip last fall. I bought mini Sharpie permanent markers and tied them to my album with ribbon. That way we always had a marker and I didn't have to fish it out of my bag!

**Disney's dimensional character stickers are great embellishments to place next to the character's autographs. They are the perfect size!
**Disney also has wonderful sticker phrases and other character stickers that make great embellishments for your autograph book!

For your pages, on a two page spread, you can adhere a solid color cardstock for autographs on one side and a matted picture frame on the other side for a picture with the character. To help yourself remember what size picture you need, write the size with pencil in the middle of your mat. You can also create an autograph book just for autographs. Simply mat a solid color piece of cardstock and adhere a character sticker.


Laura said...
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Anna said...

These are cute! Now if I could only get my kids not to be scared of characters!

Sandy Ang said...

Such a fun and colourful mini ! Isn't disney just the best ?

Shelley said...

So cute:)
Can you tell me what the sizes are..thanks