Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double Decorate with Border Punches

Border punches are one of my favorite tools. They are all the rage right now and you can find them in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs! Like the cupcake one below that I just had to have the other day, I tried to put it back but I just couldn't resist. My favorite thing to do with border punches is to layer them with other borders, strips, ribbon and then decorate. Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Use the cupcake or other shape punch to create a border for the top of your page. Add it above other strips of paper and embellish your shapes with rhinestones
Add a scallop border to the bottom embellished with Stickles underneath other strips of paper.

The finished page:
Add a strip of paper to the bottom, followed by a large scallops strip, add a strip of ribbon, stitching. Embellish with a stitched scallop border on the scallop strip and add dots of Stickles to the edge of the scallop piece. Embellish those with sequins or rhinestones in the middle.
The finished page:

Use a scallop strip on the bottom with big holes, embellish the holes with rhinestones or sequins. Add a strip with another skinny strip above it. Finish it off with a rhinestone border strip.Here is the finished page:

Cut a strip from a large polka dot. Add it to the middle of the page with a stripe strip above it. Embellish the polka dots with brad and the stripes with stitches.Here is the finished page:

Try out some new ideas today and use border punches they are so FUN!!! We would love to see your work on our new Facebook page or in the gallery. Thanks for sharing :)

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Valérie said...

Quelle épatante production!!! Surtout, continue sur ta lancée!!!