Thursday, September 11, 2008

Layered Mini Book

Vacation Mini Book

Step 1: Gather supplies:
Layer mini book (I used the rectangle one by Maya Road)
5 different pieces of patterned paper (Used American Crafts travel line)
3 sheets of cardstock
White and black pen
2-3 colors of Thickers
Making Memories Mini alphas
Paper clip
Journaling spot
Ribbon, buttons and brads
Ink pad for inking the edges
Coordinating embellishments with paper line

Step 2: Cut patterned paper to the sizes of the pages. Adhere to chipboard fronts and backs. Ink edges.
Front Cover: Cut Title block, round edges, adhere to center of page, draw around edges with white pen, add title in center. Embellish with clip, jewels and badge.

P1: Adhere journaling blocks to cardstock, cut out and adhere under clip from front page. Add title with mini alphas and thickers.

P2: Cut out photo black, outline in white, adhere and embellish with foam arrow and jewels.

P3: Adhere large journaling block, attach ribbon with brads, embellish with asterisks and jewels.

P4: Cut out photo black, outline in black, glue ribbon tabs underneath and adhere. Embellish with pre-made embellishment and add title in mini alphas. Add jewels.

P5 & P6: Cut out 3 small circles (stamp on 2, outline one in white,) cut out 2 big circles and outline in white. Adhere to page. Add one circle journaling block, embellishments, and buttons (thread with floss first then tie and adhere to page with glue dots.)

P7: Leave room for a large photo, attach a cardstock strip towards the inside and doodle on it with black pen. Adhere journaling spot, jewels and pre-made embellishments.

P8: Cut 2 photo blocks (1 horizontal, 1 vertical,) outline in white, round corners and adhere. Attach title with thickers, adhere 1 word to cardstock block and doodle around the edges. Add 1 pre-made embellishment in the corner and add jewels.

P9: Adhere large cardstock block and outline with white pen. Mount journaling block on cardstock and cut out. Attach to page with and add pre-made embellishments, jewels and write out small title with mini alphas in bottom corner of photo block.

P10: Cut 2 vertical cardstock blocks, outline in black and round corners, attach and add jewels in 2 corners. Add 1 small embellishment in top left corner and mini alpha title in far corner. Adhere the journaling block to cardstock, cut out, round corners and doodle around edges in black pen. Attach small embellishment to corner.

Step 3: Assemble the book with the provided rings, tie ribbon around them and now your book is ready for pictures of your next vacation!


Transparent Touches said...

This is such a fun book! I'm going to have to make one now!!

Chrissy said...

This is incredible. I love and have to make one!