Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monthly Ideas: September

Your September Checklist!
by: Lindsey Krauss

As we’ve headed into September, I feel just bombarded with events and moments I don’t want to miss on a photograph or scrapbook page! So let’s work on a checklist of things to capture “on film” and on layout.

Get the camera ready for these events in September!
· First day of school
· First bus ride/mom taxi/walk to school
· Meeting the teachers
· Outside of school [pics
· Meeting buddies the kids haven’t seen all summer
· School renovations
· Lunch boxes, bags and school supplies
· Field trips
· Apple picking
· Berry picking, if you can find any left!
· Grape picking
· Labor day celebrations
· I hear Father’s Day is celebrated Sept. 1st in New Zealand and Australia!?

Get the scrap supplies out – it’s a good time to record these events:
· Go heritage! Get out those old Labor Day-worthy pictures.
· Fruit picking
· Back-to-school
· Grandparents’ Day – 1st Sunday after Labor Day
· September 11th – Patriot Day
· Changes into Autumn
· Scrap SAPPHIRE, the birthstone gem in Sept. – go with autumn blue!
· Scrap with Aster or Morning Glory-shaped flowers

Got some September ideas that you don’t see here? Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what we don’t want to miss!


Jackie - aka funhockeymom25 said...

super ideas!!!

Nathalie said...

I love your list Lindsey! Really fun!

The Kight of the Onion said...

I want to make sure I get some pics of Autumn this year.