Thursday, June 18, 2009

JUNE IDEAS by Nathalie

Journaling prompts/Page ideas:

- Last day of school

- Graduation

- Words of wisdom for your graduate

- What did your child accomplish this school year?

- Father’s Day (this year or through the years)

- Your dad

- Your husband and his dad

- Your kids and their dad

- What did you learn from your dad?

- Remembering your dad

- Similarities between you and your dad

- What did each of your kids get from their dad: similar traits between your DH and your kids

- Playing outside, riding bikes, gardening, first pool day, golfing

- What you like/don’t like about summer

- What is growing in your garden?

- Going to the fair

- Summer jobs: your first summer job, your kid’s first summer job

Quotes and poems about Fathers:

Quotes and poems about Summer:

More ideas:

JUNE is:

- Aquarium and Zoo Month (visit one and then scrap about it!)

- Candy Month (make a page about your or your kids’ favorite candies!)

- National Accordion Awareness Month (make a page about music, the instruments you played, your kids play, your husband plays or just the songs you like these days!)

- National Adopt a Cat Month (make a page about how your pet came into your life)

- National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month (eat lots and make a page about your favorites, take photos of your kids eating them!)

To remember:

June 14th: Flag day

June 18th: International picnic day!

June 21st: Father’s Day AND First day of Summer!

June 29th: Camera day ~ no excuses there, you HAVE to take photos on that day!!! J

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