Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Photo Ideas

With summer right around the corner there is going to be some awesome photo opportunities this season. So make sure those camera batteries are charged and the memory sticks are cleared because here are my top 20 moments/memories to shoot this summer!

1. Your favorite fruit and eating it
2. Kids eating ice cream cones or Popsicles
3. Running in the sprinkler (come on you can do it too!)
4. Canon balls in the pool or lake
5. Cutting the grass or mowing the lawn (whatever you call it?)
6. Summer sunsets
7. Fourth of July Fireworks
8. Packing for your vacation
9. Dirty kids after a long day of playing outside
10. Sunbathing
11. Your new or favorite swimsuit or flip flops
12. Barbequing at home or with friends
13. Your favorite place to go and eat this summer
14. Fresh summer produce (all your favs)
15. S'mores and you or kids eating them
16. Summer sports
17. A good game of Frisbee or flying a kite
18. Your favorite summer drink and you sipping on it
19. Last day of school! The start of summer vacation.
20. Your favorite activity to do this summer! (I’d love to see what everyone’s favs are!)

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