Monday, June 15, 2009

Stickles, Stickles and More Stickles

I love using Stickles and if you are like me you have tons of bottles of this glittery fun stuff in all different colors and are always looking for fun new ways to use it up! Here are a few of my favorite techniques for this glitter glue!

  1. Stickles on Chipboard: First ink chipboard with matching color of ink. It doesn’t need a lot just a light coat. Then squeeze Stickles generously on top. You can use the tip of the bottle to smooth it out but I prefer to use my finger. (Just make sure you have a sink or paper towel handy or you might end up quite glittery! The end result is stunning I think and if you like a glossier look you can add diamond glaze over top and if you want a less glittery look try Distress Stickles.
  2. Stickles on patterned paper: There are a lot of fun designs for patterned paper out there right now. So why not jazz those up a little with some Stickles. (You knew I was going to say that right?) You can either doodle right on your patterned paper or cut out a design and apply stickles to desired area. For this one I used the tip of the bottle to give it a little bit of a swirly effect like frosting.
  3. Stickles as Doodles: Doodling is all the rage right now so why not doodle with some pizzazz! Grab a bottle of stickles and add scallops, swirls, trails, or dots to your pages right now!
  4. Stickles on transparencies or overlays: Ok I know you have these so right not add some spice to them! Doodle, fill in or color in your transparencies or overlays on your next project. For these Overlay flowers I added a light coat of Stickles then smeared it around carefully with the tip of the bottle.

And this flower is the new Distress Stickles!

So get out those bottles of stickles and add some pizzazz to those pages and project today. Remember to allow at least an hour or two for the Stickles to dry completely before touching or adding the page to your album. And don’t forget to share your favorite Stickles technique with us in your comments!


chrystal said...

Great ideas, Carrie! I do have tons of Stickles laying around.

Anna said...

I love stickles now too, I'll have to try more of the glittery ones.