Friday, October 1, 2010

Haunted Halloween House

For a fun Hallowen decoration this season that you can use over and over every year try creating a Halloween house. You can use the doodlebug chipboard house that I chose hear or lots of craft stores carry cardboard or wood haunted houses for you to decorate.

  1. Now pick your theme, cutesy or spooky? I chose cute since a 4 year old was helping me.
  2. Next make sure you have 2 pieces of the same patterned paper (preferably one that repeats and isin't hard to match up at the sides)
  3. Assemble your house according to manufacturer decorations (some of you won't have to do that step.)
  4. Adhere the patterned paper around all side of the house (I used a glue runner)
  5. Next cover roof, door, chimney and stairs (the great thing about the doodlebug house is it gives you pattern pieces to help you cut out all these pieces but if you are using another one maybe just try your craft knife and some sandpaper to clean up the edges.)
  6. Using a hot glue gun apply buttons all over roof (this is the most fun for the kids cause they can stick them all over.....just be careful of the hot glue.)
  7. Adhere a button for the door handle and some over the middle of windows for decoration.
  8. Attach doodle bug trims (or any other kind, you could cut strips of paper and punch them with border punches) around window box, chimney, and edge of roof.
  9. Poke a hole in the top of chimney and thread a pipe cleaner through. Attach a flying object to it ie. bat, ghost, witch.
  10. Add some cobwebs to window with a little hot glue and some black rhinestones for decoration on window box
  11. Have your little one pick a few more creatures (cardstock diecuts) to add to the house. We used a hanging spider and a mummy at the door. Add a few to the sides (I really loved the skulls and headstones....gave it a graveyard feel) All attached with just a little hot glue.
  12. Now enjoy your new decoration. And if your little one is at all like mine they they will think it is theirs and that it should go in there room for their toys to play in. :)


Nathalie said...

Another fabulous Halloween decoration! Your house is simply adorable!

Nathalie said...
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