Friday, September 23, 2011

Flower Power: Fabric Flowers

For Pages or as Hair Bows

Right now fabric flowers are all the rave. There is all sorts of uses for them from scrapbook pages, altered art to hair bows for your little cutie. I am going to demonstrate how make them using scraps of fabric and felt and an a clip. Feel free to alter it as you need to use up the scraps you have or for different uses.

  • hot glue gun
  • hair clip (if making a hair bow)
  • needle and embroidery floss
  • button
  • felt scraps
  • about a 12 inch by 3-4 inch scrap of fabric
  1. Start with folding your strip of fabric in half
  2. Then sew with large stitches across the bottom folded edge (if you like frayed edges you can reverse this.) Make sure you not the end before starting so you can pull it tight.
  3. Once you get all the way across the bottom of the strip pull it tight and it will curl up into a semi circle shape.
  4. Put the two raw edges together and stitch together wrapping the stitches around the edges so it won't fray. Once done tie off and you will have a circle.
  5. Then trace circles onto your felt. I used 2 different sizes of thread rolls.
  6. Cut them out and glue one onto the back side of your flower. This holds it all together and helps keep the shape of the flower nicely. If you are making a hair bow this also makes a nice pad to put your clip on. Use a big clump of hot glue and glue the circle onto your flower.
  7. Cut out some more circles in a contrasting color if you like. You can also cut little notches in them for fun.
  8. Glue one of these onto the front of your flower.
  9. Glue the other smaller circle onto the top of that.
  10. Thread a button with some floss and tie.
  11. Glue that onto your flower. Make sure not to use too much in this step or the glue will come through the button holes.
  12. Next you will want to wrap your clip to make it stick in your cutie's hair better. Do this with a scrap of fabric and wrap it around the top portion of the clip. I usually wrap it around 3 times. Once the glue is dry cut off the excess.
  13. Glue this onto your flower (fabric side of clip onto the circle pad in the back.)
  14. Walla now your little cutie is even cuter. OR decorate scrapbook pages, mini albums, cards, home decor items, bags or gifts with these. The wider the scrap of fabric the bigger the bow will be.


Nathalie said...

That's SUPER CUTE Carrie!!! Thanks for the tut!

Anna said...

oh, I have to do this!