Saturday, September 17, 2011

{Use your kit scraps} Confetti ribbon!

Before I pass on the blog to Carrie, I wanted to close my series today with a fun way to use little tiny scraps:
I will show you how I made this festive confetti ribbon. All I used was a hole punch, scotch tape and small coordinating scraps of papers:
After punching a whole bunch of confettis, I lined them up loosely:
Then I adhered scotch tape on top pushing here and there to make sure that it gets covered. You can repeat until you have your desired length of tape:
And that is it! Of course the tape no longer sticks so you need to add glue on the underside in order to attach it to your wrapped present.

I hope to have inspired you to use up that box of scraps! I will be back here in October! Thank you for visiting :)

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