Monday, September 26, 2011

Flower Power: Rosettes

Making Different types of Rosettes

Rosettes are everywhere in the scrapbook industry right now. You can use them on all sorts of projects and make all different sizes, colors and types. I will start with a basic rosette and then show you how to add ribbons and use punches to create different edges for your flowers.

  1. Cut a strip of paper 12" long. The wider the strip the bigger your flower will be.
  2. Score your strip every 1/4 of an inch (you can change this up to make different size rosettes but this is what I would consider the standard size.)
  3. Accordion fold your strip of paper like so.
  4. On one end put alot of really sticky adhesive.
  5. Stick this end to the other end to form a cylinder. Sometimes you may have to cut off one little fold of paper to get it to line up properly.
  6. Punch different size circles or scallop circles for the front and back of your rosette.
  7. Position a large glue dot in the middle of one of the circles.
  8. Adhere this piece to the back by squishing down your flower, pushing it together and lining the glue dot up with the middle.
  9. Place another large glue dot on the middle of the top of the rosette.
  10. Adhere another punched circle over top of that or a combination of circles.
  11. Tie floss through a button and adhere on top. You can also use bling, epoxy stickers, brads, whatever you like!
To add a ribbon:
  1. Cut 2 strips of paper approximately 3.5" long by about an 1.5" width. Feel free to change this up based on the size of your rosette.
  2. Cut the bottom of each strip at a diagonal.
  3. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 3.25" in length.
  4. Adhere the paper strips and ribbons in a "V" with a small staple.
  5. Attach your rosette on top with a glue dot or two.
Making a Pointed Rosette:
  1. Follow the above steps score every 3/8 of an inch.
  2. Turn your strip the opposite way on the score board and make a light score all the way down about 1/4" in on one side.
  3. Line up your cut marks with this score. Cutting V's into your strip by lining up each cut with each score.
  4. Push down and adhere to a punched circle
  5. Glimmer mist and embellish as desired.
Making a punched edge Rosette:
  1. Follow above steps but punch one edge of your strip with a decorative edge.
  2. If using a scallop edge line up your scores in between each scallop. If it is just a decorative edge just score every 1/4" as before.
  3. Push down and embellish as desired.

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