Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Use your kit scraps} Make simple notepads!

I am here again today to give you some ideas on how to reduce that scrap stash of ours! Today we'll make these simple, but really cute, notepads. You probably already have all the supplies:
You will need:
- paper scraps
- cardboard (not corrugated)
- binding clips
- glue and paper trimmer
- ribbon (optional)

1/ First I cut my cardboard (recycled from the back of an old notepad) to 3.5X5.5:
2/ Then I covered them with some scrap paper, sanded and inked the edges. I also cut a piece of scrap paper to 1.25X2 to decorate my paper clip:
Tie ribbon(s) to the clip if you'd like
3/ The last step is to gather a bunch of light colored paper scraps and to cut them to 1/4 of inch smaller than the pad (mine are 3.25X5.25). Depending on your trimmer, you can cut a few at a time:
Stack them up and place them into the binding clip and they are done. I placed one on my nightstand and one by the phone.... and my scrap box is a bit lighter now!
Thank you for stopping by, I will come back next week with a couple more ideas to use  smaller scraps!

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