Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Ideas

Happy July, Scrappers! July is naturally full of fun and fireworks, so let that be the inspiration on your layouts this month!


  • Red, white and blue, of course!

  • Any combo of the above.

  • Go Americana.

  • Add spots of gold and silver with this month’s colors.

  • Be brave, go with a rainbow effect – all colors in!


  • Time to bring back out the star. No better month for it!

  • Lots of circles – love those fireworks, the best!

  • Flourishes or swirls – but instead of the traditional, go with the spray this month!

Photo ops:

  • Kids all decked in red, white and blue.

  • Will you watch fireworks or try to shoot them? Watch for tips on photographing fireworks at the site!

  • Scrap your 4th of July plans and traditions.

  • Summer fun is in full effect. If you’re in the warm climate this month, outside photos are a must!

  • All stars! Summer sports!

Scrap topics:

  • Go with independence. Have shots of kids or family doing things independently? Go with solo photos orsolo subjects.

  • Be patriotic. Scrap something about your country.

  • Are you summer or winter in July? Scrap the opposite!

  • Christmas in July is always fun. Start your cards!

  • Don’t forget your pets! After all, dog days were named after them!

  • Summer school? Make it fun!

  • All Stars! Scrap your athlete!

  • July’s birthstone is Ruby – use lots of red rhinestones this month.

  • July’s flower is the larkspur or water lily. Try the lily shape: not quite a circle, not quite a heart.

  • Or combine the two!

  • Horoscopes Cancer and Leo. More animals!

Whatever you pull out to commemorate July, do it with a sense of patriotism, family and a smile. :) Happy July!

Transparently Yours, Lindsey

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