Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Photo Ideas

So the sun is out and it's time to get those bright, fun, sunny PHOTOS! Here's just a few examples of fun things to capture in the upcoming months!

With Fourth of July right around the corner make sure to get a picture of the kids with a sparkler, their festive outfits, fireworks in the sky, the American Flag, fun desserts, etc.

Another fun idea is to have someone move their sparkler in a continuous circle while you take their picture. Set your shutter speed really low and stay really still or use a tripod and you will get a fun look like this:
Swimming shots are always a great addition to your scrapbook. Of course you need the typical shot of the kids jumping in the pool or floating around but some other fun ideas would be the look on their face after holding their breath under water, splashing each other, playing pool games, soaking wet kids, etc.
Also make sure catch a photo of that favorite summer food like watermelon, popsicles, icecream cones, trips to the zoo, days at the beach, sandcastles, places you visit, your favorite place to eat, those beautiful summer sunsets, yardwork, flowers, boating, etc!

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Debra said...

I "clicked" on your son's pic & it filled my screen! Well, WHAT a FANTASTIC Picture! you can almost feel the "wetness" yourself! Thanks, I really enjoyed that picture & it gave me some ideas for myself! Great job!!