Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Supply Project

Decorative Flowerpot Holder

I love having my scrap supplies easily accessible while I'm scrapping but I also want them to look nice sitting on my scrap table. So, I created supply holders using flowerpots. It's very inexpensive and looks great!

patterned paper with large elements to cut
alphabet stickers
Mod Podge

#1- cut large elements from patterned paper and adhere to your flowerpot with Mod Podge.

#2- adhere ribbon to the top of your flowerpot with glue dots and tie in a bow

#3- add buttons and title (If you add a title make sure to cover your letter stickers with Mod Podge as well. It helps them stick better!)

#3- fill your flowerpot with scrap goodies such as markers, scissors, paint brushes, etc.

1 comment:

Nathalie said...

What a cute project!!! Love the colors Chrissy and I love flower pots as well :)