Friday, October 9, 2009

Ali Edward weekend Giveway

Ali Edwards' Blog Giveaway Continuation!!

Welcome to TTT's Blog! If you came here from Ali Edwards''re at the right place for your chance to win more prizes from TTT!

As you might already know...TTT is one of the only kit clubs that offers 3 kits each month! Kit #1 is usually a girly kit, kit #2 is usually a boyish kit and kit #3 is usually boy/girl or a seasonal kit. (kit members are allowed to skip up to 2 months if there's a month that you want to pass on)

Click Here for more information about our Monthly Kit Subscriptions

Click Here for to read the FAQ's about our kits

I will be giving away another TTT kit! (of my choice)

In order to be in this drawing, you will need to just sign up for the TTT newsletter.

Now that we have the TTT blog, we don't publish the regular newsletter anymore....but by signing up for this, you will get emails each month of the kit pictures and special promotions going on.

CLICK here to sign up for the newsletter

A winner will be drawn Sunday (October 18th) in the morning and then posted on the TTT have until midnight (PST) the night before that to sign up for the newsletter.

Just a reminder about TTT's kit promotion going on right now for ONE WEEK ONLY....

New kit customers can sign up for a 6 month kit subscription and receive a fun goodie bag filled with scrapbooking stuff! (Offer for the goodie bag ends October 18th)

If you have any questions....please email me! (

Have a great weekend!


Holly S said...

Hi Monica! I am trying to sign up for the newsletter and can't figure it out-I'm sure it's me! Anyway, I signed up for the TTT blog emails. Love your kits and I'm off to join! thanks!

Sandrine Deleuze said...

Hi !! I'm so happy I found you ;-) I came from Ali's Blog ;-) Smooooooooches !

marla said...

I signed up for your newsletter and I came her from Ali's blog!!!

Jenny McGee said...

I signed up for the newsletter. It looks like a fun kit you have. I came from Ali Edward's blog. Thanks for a chance to win.

mandyb said...

I also came from Ali's Blog... and have signed up for the newsletter (but couldnt find a comments section in it) so leaving a note here....your kits looks great...sadly the postage to New Zealand and the exchange rate make your kits a little out of my price range... but nice to see whats on your stuff

Bethany said...

i just signed up for the newsletter, came from Ali's blog -- BUT there is no comment section with the newsletter sign up! so there was no way for me to leave any comments upon sign up!! what so we do? :(

Monika said...

Hello from Monika with a "k!" I have hopped over from Ali's blog and signed up for the newsletter, but was unable to leave a comment. I just love the keychain mini (well, I love any mini album, really!) and am going to check it out on your site. (Just in case I'm lucky enough to be a winner!)

Carrie said...

Hope you girls join us on the Message board!

Shermin said...

Just added myself to the newsletter! Came over from Ali's blog as well. What an amazing giveaway you've there!