Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giving your Thickers an added edge

If you love alphabets, chances are you have used or have in your stash at least one set of thickers. If you are me and they are your favorite, you have many sets of them in use and in your stash. There are many styles of thickers to choose from but once you have a set, the ways to change them up are endless!! You can always upgrade them by adding some texture or style to them. Here are a few examples of the ways you can spruce up your thickers.

Adding dots:

Simple enough right? They can really make your title pop by adding some simple dots. White shows up well on darker colors. Whatever kind of ink you use, make sure the letters dry before you handle them.

Outside outline:

No need to have a steady hand. The messy look is in folks so just have fun as you run that marker/pen around the edges. It's ok not to have perfect lines.

Etched or scratchy look:

This is my favorite way to change up my thickers. I love the distressed look. All you need is some sandpaper or a distressing tool and go to town. This works best obviously on the chipboard letters but you can do this with the vinyl ones as well. Not sure what it does to the foam ones but it might be worth a test.

Diagonal Lines with outside edge:

This is fun for a very bold look. Goes great with papers that use stripes or a very plain type page when you want the title to pop!

You can do so much more to give your thickers or any alphabets an added edge. These are just a few examples I wanted to share with you. Have fun playing!

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Carrie said...

Super fun ideas!